My university application process (BA English Literature)

Over the last few months I have been applying to universities 😀 So I thought I would make a blog post about how I found the application process. In England, you begin to apply to universities in Year 13 (last year of American high school), most British schools apply through UCAS, which is an online [...]


Poem #1 : Autumn thoughts

Inside looking out. Bedroom window slightly ajar. Fresh Autumn air leaking through the gap. And then I realised.   My existence so minute, Has no comparison to the vastness of this universe. A vastness that is accentuated by the gift of nature: A cardinal leaf, a soft breeze, a cold crisp sunset, Can either make [...]

Oversized double denim

  My very first polyvore - Oversized Double Denim. Hope you like it, comment and tell me what you think! All products featured are listed below. Oversized double denim by oliviasummergrace featuring black shoes Patterned shirt £28 - Balenciaga denim jacket Destroyed jeans £28 - Black shoes £32 - Backpack bag Newgate water resistant watch £190 - [...]