Collective clothing haul

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a good start to your week. I’m back today with a clothing haul! This is the first clothing haul I have ever done so you might have to bear with me a little bit haha. My 18th birthday is on Thursday, so I have been buying outfits left right and centre because I figured I’m going to need some for clubbing! In England the legal age to go clubbing/drinking etc is 18 so as you can imagine, I am soooo excited! I feel like I have been waiting for this day to come for so long and it is finally, nearly here. Not all of the things I have bought are for going out though, I bought some other bits and bobs too. So if you want to find out what I have bought over the last couple of weeks – keep reading!


heels 3

heels 2heels

The first pair of shoes I bought are the cutest, comfiest heels I’ve ever seen! They are a gold, metallic type colour and have a sturdy, chunky heel. They are open-toe and have a knotted detailing on the front which I think is so sweet. I really struggle when it comes to buying a new pair of high-heels, I can’t wear any that are too high or else it just ends up ruining my night. However these are extremely comfortable, and I just might have found the perfect pair! Size 6 from Primark –  £14.

slides 1slides

These second pair of shoes I have been wanting for so long. These are black fluffy slides, they are so light and foamy. I wish I would have bought the Fenty Puma ones when they came out, but to be honest these are just as good and they were a fraction of the price! With a nice pedicure, these look so lovely and casually spice up any outfit. Size 5 from Home Bargains – £5.99.

My nail polish in these pictures is BarryM’s Gelly 22 Almond which I featured in my last blog post – click here to read!

airmaxairmax 1

I love trainers so much. They are so easy for sixth form and they can make an outfit instantly trendy. These are all black Nike Airmax which means they are super comfy. I am lucky because my feet are small, so I am able to buy from the junior section which makes any trainers I buy so much cheaper than if I bought them from the women’s section – yay for small feet! These are my first pair of Airmax trainers, as in the past I have been skeptical about buying them due to their slightly chunky look, but I so far I am loving them and their chunkyness!! I am really into the all black colour theme, I think they make the trainers look so sleek and also, you might find this a little weird but the shape of the leg hole on the shoe make my ankles look so much thinner, lol! I don’t know what it is, but I am not complaining haha. Size 5 from JD Sports – £35.99.



This bralet is so pretty. I think it is the frill’s on the straps and on the neckline that initially drew me in, I love anything with a cute frill, it makes me feel so girly. The embroidery is also to die for, it adds a hint of sexiness to the garment which I adore. This bralet is extremely tight due to the elasticated underband, which my waist look nice and small and if you are in the itty bitty titty committee (like me lol), then to be honest there is no need for a bra – especially because it has an open back. This top would look perfect with a long cleavage necklace. Size UK6 from River Island – £26.


I bought these amazing trousers to go with the black bralet above. These trousers are truly fabulous, they are a silver metallic jersey fabric – they are so jazzy. They are wide leg and are high-waisted meaning they also make your waist look tiny! I cant wait to wear this outfit on a night out and with a tan. Size UK6 from River Island – £35.

playsuitplaysuit 2

I think this item is my favourite thing I have bought in a long time. This playsuit is a lightweight crepe material and has a bardot style neckline. As red is my favourite colour, this stood out to me as soon as I walked through the shop door. The playsuit has an all over floral print with long flare sleeves which give a cool 70’s vibe. It also has a tie which ties around the waist which really accentuate your curves. I am wearing this number on my birthday night out with the gold heels (as seen above) and the gold bag (as seen below). Size UK6 from Quiz – £29.99.

topshop dress 3

This dress I got to wear in the daytime of my birthday as me, my family and some friends are going for some food and some casual drinks in Leeds, so I wanted to look classy yet trendy. This midi dress does exactly that, it is flowy and light and is a is a clean, cool grey colour. The dress buttons down and then comes to a slight slit which gives a sultry vibe. It also has a small cut out for your underboob, which is not too much and not too little, which I love. As you can see in the close up shot, it shows the tie detailing, which covers the cut out slightly making it more wearable. I would wear this with a gold necklace and watch (seen in above pictures) and a gold bag (as seen below). Size UK6 from Topshop – £30.

shorts 1

Lastly I bought some high-waisted jersey shorts just for chilling in, and possibly to wear in the summer/on holiday. I have been looking for some shorts like these for so long because every time I come across a pair of comfortable jersey shorts, they are always low waisted, which I don’t necessarily mind but I do prefer a high waist. They pull in on the waist which I find extremely useful as my waist is fairly small. These come in so many different colours too but I just picked up the grey but the khaki ones are definitely next on my list! SizeUK6 from H&M – £7.99.


gold clutchgold clutch bag 1

This mini gold bag is such a gem. I have looked all over for a cute gold bag to take out on a night out, and I have finally found one! It has a faux crocodile skin effect and also comes with a detachable chain strap which is super useful. Although it looks tiny, it can actually fit quite a lot in due to its depth. One size from Missguided – £18.

If you read all of this blogpost well done!! It was quite a long one lol. I really enjoyed writing this post and taking the photos too, let me know if you like these hauls and I will be sure to do more. I recently got a fancy dress outfit too because me and all my friends are doing a pub run all dressed up in fancy dress on Friday, but you will have to keep an eye out for it on another blogpost on OliviaSummerGrace! What was your favourite thing in this haul? Have you bought anything new recently? Let me know.

♡ O L I V I A 


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